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Take A Walk In Our World

There is one thing that always takes our new patients by surprise; the inside of our Practice! All too often, you can find yourself in cramped, dark and unwelcoming premises, whilst trying to get dental care you are happy with. When creating our Practice, we wanted to build somewhere that went against these stereotypes. Somewhere […]

What Is A Dental Implant?

It’s a question we get asked quite a lot when people see the term around our Practice, or the website. What exactly is a Dental Implant? Thankfully, one of our partners has a great video that can help explain everything for you! With two highly qualified Dental Implant capable dentists within our Practice, we’re always […]

Tomorrow’s Smiles, Today

Oral health is one of the most important virtues that can be instilled in our children. Recent figures have shown that over 120,000 children have needed to have teeth removed in England due to decay, between 2011-2015. This is a number that has grown almost 10% over the previous period, and is almost 70 children […]

An Open Letter From Michael Reece

At Reece Associates we understand that “The Dentist” has historically been a place that many people would prefer to avoid! Little wonder as early dental practices were brutal, and delivered with a belief that the pain patients were subjected to was less than if problems were left untreated. Gladly things have changed with the introduction […]